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Sep. 2nd, 2006 @ 05:17 pm Do you know what a clitoral fossa is? Poll ...
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Hi everyone!!  :)

I'm wondering if some of you will help me out here.   I might cross post this to a few horse groups ... so if you see it more than once, I apologize.

I'm submitting an article about mare care to a popular horse magazine, hopefully to be published (they've already accepted publication for my first article) ... and I wanted to get some general public opinion on the subject. 

Can you take the poll if you have a minute, and give me an idea whether the subject is relevant to mare owners?  Whether you are a breeder, or a general horse owner ... or even if you don't or have never owned a mare ... I'd love to know what the general knowledge out there is on this subject so I can see if it matches my ideas.  That probably doesn't make much sense to anyone else LOL, and I'm sorry.   

But it is only one question, so it should only take about 1 minute of your time.  It is completely anonymous, so please just be honest in your answer.  It should be completely painless, so if you have one minute to spare ... please just click and answer with the option that best describes your overall knowledge. 

Or you can just ignore this and move on.   ;)   But if you do take the poll, thank you in advance for your time and your help.  I appreciate it!   

The poll is here:

Thanks!!  :)

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